What a sweet place Yard Bird is?!  I am one for artistic features included on/in public structures and I admit that there’s no better place to hang out on the Spintex Road during a drive on the main street. It was after I had walked mid-way into the space when I remembered that I’d seen a picture on Deborah Vanessa‘s instagram of her experience at this same restaurant sometime back. Before I get to the fact that Yard Bird mixes American-style diner food with Ghanaian spice, let me mention why it’s a necessary addition to the fast food joints in the area and how it’s beautifully placed in the middle of the afternoon traffic-dense Spintex Road to grant nutritious plates and drink-ables to tired drivers, shoppers, passers-by and business folks in the area..


I had seen the unique style of architecture which props the building into a stick-out concept in the area of the Coca-cola roundabout where the sidewalks are married with a mosaic blend of  industries and warehouses aside offering ample space for residential accommodation and big business. A pillar in the front which poses more of an art installation than a branding pier is an eye-candy. The greenness woven unto the structure itself agrees with environmental -friendliness. There’s no other fast food spot in the immediate vicinity or close proximity with customer-dedication and branding approach like Yard Bird so it’s a GO right?!



The ceiling will engulf your attention as soon as you step in the space. Colourful ropes line one side while the background is layered with geometric blends of metal pipes. One would assume the designers were inspired by the Ghanaian outdoor laundry setting where we usually mount a series of lines to hang clothes as well as the pipeline system that runs on our walls everywhere. The seating spaces are open and very comfortable. The red and white bases of the tables correspond with the lamp connectors looking like straws intended for drinks.


There are stools that look like wooden masher/pepper grinders(locally called tapoli) and oil barrels carved into drawers. The art sense is at peak in the Yard Bird space! The comfy double seats sit on wooden bases that look like pallets. Concepts like kiosks also exist, giving the space a warm presence like a regular day on the Ghanaian streets splashed with a plush feel. You can’t visit Yard Bird and not take a free photo in their photomaton at the far left end of the expanse.



From the starters menu to the small fry menu, also the burgers and ribs section, not forgetting the good good extras! You should try out the signature burgers for lunch! Have a meeting? Have a date? Have a break? Get a taste of the mouth-watering Chicken Chop Chop Salad too! One of the favourites is the Rocky Road Sundae – chocolate and vanilla ice cream with homemade marshmallows!! They have this healthy moringa-induced drink you shouldn’t forget to ask for. Their prices are moderate though. Next time you skirt around the Spintex Road, venture the YARD and go taste the BIRD!

Article by kwame aidoo

photo credit: Ccil


Author: Kwame 'Write' Aidoo

Kwame Aidoo, also known as Write is a fond reader, writer and lover of music and the arts, with a degree in Biochemistry from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Tech., Kumasi and a certificate in Cultural Organizations in Transition from University of Lüneburg. He founded the creative activism movement: Inkfluent which curates Slam Ghana, The Write Experience, Vocal Portraits poetry albums, Slam Lab and the biggest literary festival in Ghana; Nkabom Literary Festival. Aside Ghana, where he is based, he has shown work in Brazil, Togo, Austria, France, Benin, Germany and Burkina Faso and most recently Norway with Aurora Ekvatorialis; a light sculpture and texts collaboration with Norwegian artist Toril Johannessen, exhibiting at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, 16.9.2016 – 15.1.2017.

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